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My trigger finger is twitching

I’m thisclose to doing a clean sweep on my FaceBook. If I have to read one more post on my wall about how Osama is really still alive and this is all some big conspiracy theory and campaign ploy by Obama, I might scream. Loudly.

If you’re on my FB page, it’s no secret that I am not a fan of our current president. However, I’m not consumed with blind hatred for him. I don’t wish any harm to him (let’s face it, President Joe Biden is a much scarier prospect!). Just because I don’t like his policies doesn’t mean that I automatically assume that he’s being untruthful about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

My FaceBook wall is filled with people who insist that Bin Laden is still alive. There are posts that say President Obama shouldn’t be taking credit for Bin Laden’s death – that it was our soldiers who killed him. Well of course it was our soldiers that killed him. You didn’t expect Obama to paratroop into Pakistan and shoot Bin Laden himself did you? However, he is our President and Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces. He is the one who gave the order to take Bin Laden out. He is the one in the oval office when OBL was killed. He does get to come on TV and make a speech about it. He does get to revel in the victory. He gets to take some of the credit. I don’t care if you like the President or not. The facts are the facts.

Now people are all up in arms that he has decided not to release the death photos. Remember when terrorists killed American journalist Daniel Pearl? They beheaded him, taped it and released the video. Americans were beside themselves that they would release this video. And rightly so. What makes it any better for us to release the death photos or videos of OBL? Because he’s a terrorist that makes the double standard okay? I’m sorry, but I think that the President is correct in this decision. I think releasing those photos is unnecessary. I think releasing them could put our military in further danger. I don’t think releasing them will quash any of the conspiracy theorists. They will simply claim the photos and/or video is doctored in some way. Hell, we know fake pictures are already out there. Several Congressmen were already duped by them.

You’re always going to have conspiracy theorists wearing their tin-foil hats and shouting that (insert whatever event here) didn’t really happen. Even with all the evidence we’ve gathered after 9/11, you still have people that think it was an inside job. There are still people that think the Kennedy assassination was an inside job. No photos or videos are ever going to convince those people that (insert whatever event here) really happened. I don’t think we need need to release graphic photos of a dead terrorist to prove a point.

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