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May, 2012:

I Just Don’t Get It

The voters of North Carolina approved a Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage in their state. I truly do not understand why some people get so up in arms regarding same-sex marriages. No one is forcing you to marry someone of the same sex. All they’re asking for are the same rights and opportunities afforded heterosexual people.

Two men or two women marrying each other doesn’t tarnish the sanctity of marriage. One look at the divorce rate in this country dispels that theory pretty damn quick. You want to fix the divorce epidemic? Ban marriage altogether. You don’t want your children to see two men or two women holding hands or kissing in public? Banning gay marriage won’t make that happen. You want to use the religious angle? Last time I checked, we weren’t supposed to judge others. That’s God’s job.

What makes me absolutely livid over North Carolina’s amendment is the language itself. This amendment goes way beyond any other state laws that have been passed so far because it strips any type of domestic union from being recognized by the government for anything. That means that a woman who lives with her boyfriend may not be able to get an order of protection against her boyfriend should the need arise simply because they’re not married. If you live with your opposite sex partner but aren’t married, you could be denied visitation with him/her if h/she is in the hospital. This is unacceptable. The Man and I aren’t married. I’m certainly glad I don’t live in North Carolina right now. Although, Florida isn’t much better.

I definitely lean more to the right than the left on most issues, but I don’t understand why this is even a concern of the states’ or federal government. We’re talking about consenting adults who want the same rights afforded them as everyone else. Allowing same-sex couples to get married doesn’t affect anyone’s lives but those getting married. I truly just don’t get the opposition.

The bottom line is, don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get gay married. It’s really that simple.

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